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The Counting Dictionary for Japanese

This page is written by Unicode (UTF-8).

Japanese pronounces a language in a basis "kana-50-on".
But there is a word to change according to an idiomatic rule.
It is a numeral.
Japanese numeral is a word showing the meaning by number and unit character.
The unit character varies with object word.
And a pronunciation varies with any number, too.
This site has list of the change rule table, and introduces it.

When romanization and pronunciation varies, I show pronunciation.

Counting Tool (JavaScript) : Yen Counter


ko USAGE: [a main unit to count of handy size objects.]

MEAN: [one existence] / TYPE: [G/C/S] / REPLACE: [can use other Kanji character]

OTHER: others to use same this

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Written by Shurey (Japanese)